Monuments to Ruin is a looper (roguelite) tower-defence game where you are tasked with defending the last bastions of humanity from Ruin, a mysterious, all-engulfing fog that harbours mankind's end. Along the way you need to decide if you can resist the cataclysmic temptation of adopting Ruin’s power or if you give in to unimaginable potential.


Prototyping started at the beginning of 2024 and is currently still in its early stages. After successful rounds of playtesting, production will start in summer 2024 with an estimated release in late 2025.


  • Looper (formerly roguelite), Tower Defence
  • Build defensive structures in an open level, unrestrained from lanes
  • Strong focus on exploration and discovery
  • Unique twist on game progression setback - losing the battle does not mean losing the war

Gameplay Videos

Prototype GameplayYouTube

In-Game Screenshots


OHNSINN (/ˈoːnˌzɪn/) strives to create evocative, viscerally fun, and message ladened games. The two developers are currently tasked to work on the studio’s debut title called “Monuments to Ruin”.